Friday, March 23, 2012

M90F (vs. P90X) - Day 33: handstands & routine

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Series:  "M90F: Matt's 90-day Fitness"

Day: 33

Activities: UPPER BODY - Hand-stand Push-ups!, Ab-wheel, Push-ups, Shoulders & Forearms, Walking, Stretching!

Wow, what a great workout today!  I decided to start doing some more hard-core stuff I wanted to get into, but wanted to first make sure I was in at least decent shape.  So today I did some part-way hand-stand push-ups.  I did 3 sets of 8 to build strength/muscle.  I'll try to get some pictures next time, but here's how to do it:

1)  Place hands about 1 foot away from a wall, and feet in a sprinter's starting position.

2)  Kick your feet up against the wall so the wall catches your feet; you're now in a hand-stand position.

3)  If you can, lower yourself about 2 inches, then push back up; it's hard!

4)  If you then can't do that anymore, or couldn't do even one, just lower yourself in a 'negative' to the floor, then kick back up into it.

Then I did my regular workout, but I had a great solution to my stretching dilemma!  I realized it's not so much that I don't have the time to do it, it's that it seems like the scraps at the end of my workout.  You should stretch after you've worked out at least some so that your muscles are warm/loose, but instead of leaving it until the very end, I decided I'll do it when I'm about 1/4 mile away from home on the last leg of my walk each day.  There's a park there, so I just stop and use a bench that's there to do my standing hurdler stretches!  That way, when I approach that place each day on my walk, I'll feel obligated to do it right then, and I can't say screw it & sit down or eat dinner because I still have to finish walking home.

My back is feeling amazing sans-billfold.  I can't believe what a difference already.  I can feel things adjusting in my lower-back/pelvis area; popping (in a good way), and my legs feel more stable already.  My left side of my back didn't hurt at all after my walk (it had been every day now for a week or two).  I'm really hopeful that between that and my stretching that I'll be able to run again, maybe in a few weeks!

If you feel your body hurting, there's got to be a reason.  I almost just chalked it up to getting older, but I'm sure glad I didn't.  I may never have realized what was happening until one day maybe I wouldn't have even been able to get around normally.  This exercise routine has been doing great things!

I hope you can make some discoveries about how to feel better because of your workouts too!

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