Monday, March 12, 2012

M90F (vs. P90X) - Day 22: daylight savings

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Series:  "M90F: Matt's 90-day Fitness"

Day: 22

Activities: LOWER BODY - Walking, Lunges.

This is the only time I remember being happy about spring daylight savings time; it wasn't dark outside yet, even though I got a late start on my exercise, so I could still walk the mean streets of Las Vegas without the fear of sexual assault of my person :)

Also I ended up walking to the vet to get my cat's food instead of driving; may as well make things efficient...

...which brings me to my next topic: stretching (finding time in the day to stretch).  I still haven't been able to work it in, and here's why: as I mentioned in a previous entry, according to my college psych prof, you can't simply do a new routine, you must replace an old one with the new one.

I'm not willing to give up part of my hour to stretch because my goal is to look fit by the end, and to do that, I need to walk and lift.  But if I don't stretch, my back isn't going to last.

Everything in your body is connected more than you might think.  Tons of the back muscles are connected to your legs, or at the very least to the motion of walking/running.  And as I mentioned recently as to the toe shoes not working, I'm starting to really think it's because I'm not flexible enough.  My left middle back is getting really stiff/sore, and that's the leg that's also having trouble when I run (the left).

SO, what I'm going to do is make part of my day more efficient.  I tried to think of a part of the day where I could replace my routine with stretching.  The only time I could think of is from 4:40 until 5:10 when I often hit the snooze button rather than get up.  I'm not really sleeping that much during that time, so I think I could get up instead, stretch, and be done by 5:10 or so.

I've mentally made the commitment/agreement with myself I'm going to do it, so tomorrow is the test!  I'm going to try to do this every day upon waking.  Splits 2 days per week, hurdler stretch 2 days, and jogger's stretch 2 days per week.  Then 1 more stretch yet to be determined.

Get out there and use your extra daylight today!

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