Sunday, March 18, 2012

M90F (vs. P90X) - Day 27: stretching

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Series:  "M90F: Matt's 90-day Fitness"

Day: 27

Activities: UPPER BODY - Push-ups, Ab-wheel, Shoulders & Forearms, Walking & Stretching.

I'm posting this the day after; I've been getting lazy about blogging about my 90 day fitness, but I haven't slacked in actually doing it!

My stretching has become a focus.  I've been doing standing hurdler stretches; they're like the ones you see ballerinas doing along the side of a dance studio on the railing with one leg up.  Anyway, it's pretty bad.  Making sure that my hips are facing forward, my knee is forced to be bent at about a 25 degree angle (think half of the steepness of a staircase).  My left leg is MUCH less flexible than my right.  That's also the side of my back that keeps hurting, and my left knee is the one that prevents me from running.  I'm more hopeful than ever that if I get flexible maybe I can run again (I was dreaming about running last night).

Ok, on to the next day!

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