Sunday, March 4, 2012

M90F (vs. P90X) - Day 14: extra make-up-for-weekend walk

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Series:  "M90F: Matt's 90-day Fitness"

Day: 14

Activities: LOWER BODY - Lunges, Walking, Standing-jumps.

The rollerblading yesterday was about a 5-6 mile / 50 minute part of my exercising.  I also did upper body, so it was over an hour.  The rollerblading for my 2nd time out in about 10 years went pretty well.  Old pair of used rollerblades worked just fine.  My stabilizer muscles 'inside' my hips got a lot of work, as well as my hip flexors (in the front, connecting your upper legs to your hip bones).  Rollerblading is a lot more aerobic than I had thought it would be; more like running for example; I got a little winded at times.

Did you know?  Rollerblading burns basically the same amount of calories as walking.

Today I did 2 sets of lunges.  Check out one of my sets; it started where the sidewalk meets the car driving by in the background (don't know if you can see that on this small of a picture).  Anyway, quite a few.

I also ended up going on 2 walks today.  I splurged a bit last night, had a couple glasses of wine and some 10 year cheddar and feta stuffed olives!  So I figured I'd make up for it with a walk this morning and another one this afternoon.  Ended up probably going about 8 miles total today.  I also did a few standing-jumps on the cement platforms I mentioned the other day.  Here's a video of it:

Beautiful weather here; mid 60s, but almost no wind and lots of sun, so it felt like high 70s.  While I have the benefit right now over people in say the midwest (ex: Wisconsin) because they can't walk in the snow very well, they'll have the advantage in a month when it's too hot here for me to get out any time between 5:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

In a couple weeks I'm going to buy some of those 'toe shoes' for running, like Vibram brand.  My right knee got messed up a couple years ago when I was trying to prepare for a race, and I haven't been able to run since, even after physical therapy.  I heard that these shoes might change my gait so that my knee isn't affected.  I'm hopeful since I could double my mileage in the same amount of time and really burn through some calories.

I remembered an old favorite combination of foods I used to eat.  Applesauce with blended/whipped cottage cheese with a bit of vanilla extract in it (better than it sounds) on top, a little cinnamon, and some grape nuts.  Applesauce only has 50 calories per half cup (about 2 times as much as strawberries, but still pretty good).  Make sure to get the unsweetened applesauce.  Also you might put this all on top of a slice of whole wheat toast; it's seriously like a healthy apple crisp!  I'll post a picture on the blog following when I make it.

Hope your weekend didn't throw you off your exercise.  If it did just make it up with an extra bit each day this week.

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  1. Re: Vibram shoes
    Although I can't truly speak from experience, go for it. I've heard nothing but great things about them. I had kinda the same situation a few years back with a hamstring injury that prevented me from running for a while. When I got back into it I thought about getting the Vibrams but I decided to go with a more minimalist shoe. It look a little time for my body to get used to them, but it was well worth the effort.