Sunday, March 11, 2012

M90F (vs. P90X) - Day 21: average calories

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Series:  "M90F: Matt's 90-day Fitness"

Day: 21

Activities: UPPER BODY - Push-ups, Ab-wheel, Walking.

Although my calorie intake has been bad lately, I've still been doing my 1 hour minimum.  I figure I burn about 500 calories in that hour typically, and so even on a bad food day my net intake is probably break-even or lets say maybe even 500 calories over.  In the long run, if I only have 1 bad calorie day for every 2 good days, I'm still on a path toward losing weight.  The average net calories are what needs to be negative.  So even after a string of bad days, it's good to think about the long run average so you don't get discouraged.

I've been trying to adapt from Ab-wheel from the knees to Ab-wheel from the toes.  I'm starting on my toes, but then dropping onto my knees on the way down (when it gets too hard for me to stay on my toes).  Then I try to get back onto my toes on the way back up near the end.  I'm keeping my sets from 12 reps from the knees to 6 reps working into the toes so that my form stays good (because it's harder to do, I can't yet do 12 reps in good form trying to do so from my toes).

I tried the "finger shoes" for running.  Ended up getting them at REI; they will accept them even after they've been used a bit.  That's good because unfortunately my knee was still the same; a couple hundred yards into the run and I was done.

My stretching is still terrible; haven't done it in about a week.  I've got to do it every day I think so that there's a routine; every-other-day just isn't working.  I'm hopeful that perhaps my bad knee is related to my terrible flexibility, so I'll work on that in the hopes I can run again at some point.

Until then I'll just keep the 1 hour per day going and try to gain a bit more momentum again for some extra effort along the way and motivation to eat healthier!

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