Thursday, February 23, 2012

M90F (vs. P90X) - Day 4

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Series:  "M90F: Matt's 90-day Fitness"

Day: 4

Activities: LOWER BODY - Lunges, Calf-raises, Walking.

Day 2 of lower body; no excuses for pain/stiffness, it's actually good for you, get out there!

Today I focused more on one of my goals, building my calves' muscle mass.  A little shaky on my first try!

There are 2 ways to gain muscle mass: 1) go until muscle failure, and 2) make that happen between 8-12 reps with weights if possible.

Even if you don't want to get bigger, you should get bigger muscles.  Muscles are like investing money: they work for you (burning calories) when you're not doing anything.  You'll often burn more fat than gain muscle mass, so you'll still be thinner, but more defined.

So I have adjusted my diet a bit, partly because of the P90X challenge, but partly because I want to eat better anyway.  Yesterday I was going nuts about food.  Everywhere I went I was smelling food, or seeing amazing food; at lunch, at the grocery store, passing BK, on T.V., etc.

Fun Food Fact:  when you're hungry you're usually actually just thirsty!  Your body gets confused.

Solution:  drink water, and eat high-water (low-calorie) foods.

Tomatoes:  25 calories/cup
Strawberries: 50 calories/cup

One of my Psych profs in college said that you can't stop doing a habit, you can only replace it with a different one.  Many people try to eat less, and healthy at the same time.  Mistake!  Instead, eat healthy, but trade-off with eating more since you don't have to worry about calories.  Don't worry, there's no way you can get fat on tomatoes and strawberries.  Think about it: if you at equal amounts of just these, you'd have to eat 54 cups of food to surpass 2,000 calories in a day; not gonna happen.

So I really hit my stride today; felt the endorphins kick in, sort of a high!  Hope you're feeling it to.  Post and let me know how your fitness efforts are going!

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