Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My poker notes (literally)

I've had poker thoughts brewing in my head for a while; things I could almost see, like images.  Was actually giving me a headache as they swirled around, but couldn't quite gel.

Pieces finally started snapping into place today, and with each piece the others came faster, until they all were totally lucid, and I quickly scratched them down.  Too tired to put them into electronic form today other than scanning them.  Plus I thought it would be cool to have these available to look back on...

...they're my most comprehensive, important thoughts to date.  I'm sure of this because I've both used them in part at high-stakes HU LHE play with great success, and the rest of them directly relate to those that I've used.

So, without any more talk, if you can decipher them, then congrats - feel free to use them in your HU LHE game!  Otherwise you may have to purchase my future book :)

Lastly, a few extra things:

These are specifically for HU LHE; some things I'm fairly sure don't apply to other forms.
Bluffs don't make profit; they recoup loss they've already incurred.  They always lose value effectively.
VBets and VCalls are the only places to make value.

Things still needing to be addressed:

What happens with pre-flop contractions/expansions of ranges IP and OOP?
Also, I'd like to develop a way to play both sides of a match against myself, so I can always practice with somebody who wants to 'train,' i.e. myself.

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